Designer & Artist


A professor emeritus, Richard dedicated many years to higher education in Graphic Design, Illustration and Fine Arts at San Antonio College. As a professional graphic designer, he has created designs for a variety of organizations including the American Heart Association, Texas Lutheran University and Jump Start Theater, to name a few. As a fine artist, he has participated in group exhibitions at Bihl Haus Art Space, SaySi, Centro Cultural Aztlan, and the On & Off Fredricksburg Studio Tour. Richard has exhibited in San Antonio, New York City and Mexico. As an educator in the arts, he guided and nurtured many young designers and artists in the San Antonio and South Texas community.

Artist Statement

Richard uses a variety of mediums including line art and magic marker wash, specifically for historical architectural illustrations rendered in a distinct line technique emanating a characteristic lithographic quality.
His pastel work reflects a style of illumination inspired by Renaissance and Baroque masters, specifically in the treatment of light, space and movement. This style and technique invoke a mystical, spiritual surrealism defining a visual language that reflects his inner meditative sensibilities as well as his Catholic bonds.